The Art of Hanging Curtains Like a Professional Interior Designer

Transforming a room from mundane to magnificent can be as simple as choosing the right set of drapes or curtains. However, the true magic lies in the proper installation of these window coverings. In this guide from Allegra Interiors, we’ll explore the various aspects of hanging curtains, from height and width considerations to custom curtains, curtain sizes, fabric considerations, hardware choices, and the step-by-step process of installation.

Calculating Height and Width

When it comes to curtain installation, height plays a crucial role in defining the overall aesthetic of the room. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Place the curtain rods approximately halfway between the top of the window casing and the ceiling, maintaining a distance of at least 30 centimetres for ceilings higher than 30 centimetres.
  • For cathedral ceilings, leave about 10 to 15 centimetres above the window trim.
  • Regardless of ceiling height, ensure a minimum of 5 centimetres from the top of the window casing to the curtain rod. Mount the drapery rods close to the ceiling to create the illusion of height, especially in rooms with lower ceilings. You can apply the same principles for arched windows.

Width considerations are equally important:

  • Keep a standard distance of 10 to 25 centimetres from the window casing to the end of the curtain rod on each side.
  • Ensure the curtain rod extends at least 10 centimetres beyond the window’s inside frame to create the illusion of wider windows.

Choosing the Right Curtain Sizes

  • Choose curtains long enough to kiss the floor and consider those that puddle a few centimetres for a formal look.
  • Avoid curtains that hang above the floor, as this can make ceilings appear lower.
  • For fullness, the combined width of curtain panels should be at least double the window width.
  • Consider the fabric’s characteristics, as lighter fabrics may require more fullness (a greater width) than heavier materials.

Choosing the Right Curtain Hardware:

The hardware you choose adds the finishing touch to your window treatments:

  • Ensure curtain rods and finials complement the drapery fabric. Heavier fabrics pair well with larger, decorative rods, while lightweight fabrics suit daintier rods.
  • Match the hardware with the room’s aesthetic, whether it’s Lucite, oil-rubbed bronze, or another material.
  • Finials at each end of the curtain rod should align with the room’s overall style.

Step-by-Step Guide from Allegra Interiors on How to Hang Curtains:

  1. Take Measurements in Metric:
  • Measure windows’ width, height, and the distance between the ceiling and floor.
  • If you have blinds behind the drapes, be sure to account for them by determining their distance from the window casings.
  • Consider custom curtains for non-standard windows to ensure the perfect fit.
  1. Determine Size and Style:
  • Consider your room’s formality and aesthetic preferences.
  • Decide on fabric transparency and length, keeping in mind the time it takes to manufacture custom curtains.
  1. Choose Rods and Hardware:
  • Select hardware based on window measurements and style preferences.
  • For custom curtains or unusual size windows, you will likely need custom tracking.
  • Consider motorised curtains for convenience, high-quality tracking for durability, and stability for the weight of your drapes.
  1. Install Brackets:
  • Drill pilot holes or use wall anchors for heavier curtains.
  • Attach brackets securely to wall studs or use toggle bolts for solid support.
  1. Mount Curtains on Rods:
  • Insert the rod through the curtain header or use drapery hooks.
  • Enlist a helper and stepladders for lifting curtains into place.
  1. Install Tiebacks (Optional):
  • For a formal touch, consider tieback cords, accessories, and other hardware.

Frequently Asked Questions About Installing Curtains

How far should a curtain rod extend past the window?

Get a rod 20 to 30 centimetres longer than the window’s width, allowing for at least 10 to 15 centimetres on either side.

Should curtains hang inside or outside the window frame?

Hang curtains outside the window frame, except for the ornate frames you want to feature.

Do curtain rods need middle support?

Place support brackets every 75 to 90 centimetres, with middle support required for spans longer than 240 centimetres.

Mastering the art of hanging curtains and window coverings involves meticulous planning and precision. By understanding the key metrics and considerations, you can create a create a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetics your living space, giving it that professional interior designer touch!

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