Why Mums Make The Best Tradies

Article contributed by Hacia Atherton, CEO of Empowered Women in Trades (EWIT).

The workforce is constantly evolving, and the idea of gender roles in certain industries is being challenged. However, the skilled trades industry still remains a largely male-dominated field. But what if we told you that mothers can excel in any skilled trade if given the opportunity and proper training?


Mothers bring a unique set of skills to the trades industry that are often undervalued. One of the key skills that mothers possess is the ability to multitask. Mothers are experts at juggling multiple responsibilities, from taking care of children to managing a household. This skill translates well when working on complex projects within a skilled trade. Mothers can manage multiple tasks on a worksite, ensuring that everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

In addition to multitasking, mothers are also skilled communicators. They have excellent people skills and are able to build strong relationships with colleagues and clients. This is particularly important in the trades industry, where collaboration and teamwork are essential. Mothers are able to communicate effectively with everyone on a work site, from fellow tradespeople to project managers and clients.

Finally, mothers are highly efficient. They are often creative problem-solvers, able to tackle issues from various angles, and have strong attention to detail. These skills are essential in the trades industry, where getting the job done right and on time is critical.

The benefits of working in the skilled trades industry are immense, and it is time for mothers to consider picking up the tools and breaking the stereotype.

So why should mothers consider picking up the tools and starting a career as a tradie?

First and foremost, tradie roles provide stable employment. Unlike some industries that experience fluctuating demand, tradespeople are usually always needed. This ensures that mothers can have a stable income to support their families. Additionally, many skilled trades offer competitive pay rates and even opportunities for overtime and bonuses. This means mothers can provide for their families while also saving up for the future.

Moreover, the skilled trades industry offers opportunities for advancement. Whether it’s through promotions or owning your own business, there are plenty of chances to grow your career as a tradie. With hard work and dedication, mothers can advance to supervisory positions, project managers, estimators, or even start their own businesses. The opportunities for career growth are endless in the skilled trades.

Another benefit of pursuing a career in skilled trades is the sense of pride that comes with it. Skilled tradespeople create things that impact the world around us and make people’s lives better, whether it’s building new infrastructure or fixing broken equipment. Mothers can take pride in the fact that their work has a direct impact on their community. This sense of fulfilment can also lead to boosted self-esteem and confidence.

It’s time to break the stereotype that skilled trades are only for men. Mothers can excel in any trade if they have the necessary skills, training, and experience. The benefits of pursuing a career in the skilled trades industry include stable employment, competitive pay rates, opportunities for career growth, a sense of pride and fulfilment, and the ability to bring valuable skill sets to the workforce. Let’s encourage more mothers to consider the skilled trades industry as a viable and rewarding career option.

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