As we age, our skin can become thinner and more pigmented, and with time, fine lines or wrinkles will begin to appear. Luckily, a good skincare regimen can do wonders to improve the quality of our skin, and a serum should be a key part of that.

Cleansing removes any impurities so that your serum’s ingredients can penetrate deeper into the skin, so for best results, a serum should be applied after cleansing but before moisturizing. Your moisturizer then helps to lock in all the beneficial ingredients, allowing them to work their magic.

Read on to discover the benefits of introducing a serum into your everyday skincare routine along with tips on how to apply your facial serum for the best results.


Serums can play a role no matter what benefit you’re looking for from your skin care routine. If you’re looking for more nourished, protected and hydrated skin, a serum can be a great way to achieve this. Specially formulated to penetrate deeper into the skin than other skincare products, serums are able to deliver a high concentration of skin care efficacy to where it’s needed most.

Because of its formulation, a serum benefits from absorbing quickly into your skin, without the heavy or greasy feeling that some products leave.


You can easily incorporate a serum into your daily skincare regimen, applying it alongside your cleanser, eye cream and moisturizer. We’ve broken your routine down into four simple steps, which can be repeated twice daily—once in the morning before you apply any makeup, and once in the evening before bed.


To get the most out of your skincare routine, make sure that your skin is clean and prepped so that your skincare products can soak into your skin effectively. Begin by removing any makeup and impurities from your face with a cleanser.

Once you have a clean base to work with, you can then use an exfoliator to gently scrub any dead skin away. This softens your skin as well as unclogging pores and removing bacteria, resulting in fewer breakouts and a more radiant complexion. For optimal results, you should do this two to three times a week.


Now that your skin is best prepped, it’s time to apply your facial serum. Serums should be applied while your skin is still damp so that they can penetrate deep into the skin, and to get the most out of the product, you should apply it with a patting motion instead of rubbing. Lightly tap the serum into your skin using your fingertips and wait for a couple of minutes until it has been fully absorbed.

For a plumping serum that’s proven to work, take a look at ours. This serum starts working after just a week’s use, leaving you with noticeably plumper, more hydrated skin and reduced lines and wrinkles. This serum starts working after just a week’s use, leaving you with noticeably plumper, more hydrated skin and reduced lines and wrinkles.


Next, to hydrate and reduce dark circles around the delicate eye area, use an eye cream like our MULTI CORREXION® Hydrate & Plump Eye Cream. Eye creams are specially formulated to work on the thin, sensitive skin under your eyes and are an effective step in anti-ageing.


Once your serum has soaked in, you can then apply a small amount of face moisturizer, ensuring that you use an SPF product during the daytime.

Serum is an essential part of any skincare routine and should be applied at just the right time for it to work best. For daily serums that are proven to work, take a look at our Serums & Treatments. Discover more tips and advice on our blog, or read one of our latest posts about how to get glowing skin.

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