35 Pet-Friendly Home Improvement Ideas and Designs

Pets are the new kids. More and more people are adopting pets and sharing their homes with these amazing creatures. We have also started renovating and designing our homes to address the needs and provide comfort to our furry friends. As cats and dogs are the most popular home pets, here are awesome and pet-friendly home improvement ideas and designs to adapt to your home.

  1. Dog Room

Give your furry buddy his or her own domain. This doggy cage includes a mattress for comfort and is large enough for your dog to move around. Putting the doggy room in the laundry will utilise unused space efficiently, provide peace and quiet for your dog, and is easier to clean

  1. Pet Shower Nook

A water-loving dog deserves his or her own shower area. Install a doggy shower where it is easier to clean, and you wouldn’t mine water splashes. The laundry room or the far end of the kitchen is perfect for this project.

  1. Corner Climbers

Cats love heights and exploring. This cat climber wall includes perches and ramps that will engage your kitty to climb and explore. Its corner location puts the cat and their climbing out of the way. Add a couple of bigger and comfortable perches where your cat can rest and sleep on.

  1. Comfy Bed Retreat

The mudroom and the foyer are great places to create a comfy retreat for your dog. It is easier to clean, and it gives your dog its own little territory. This little nook features a pair of comfy dog beds positioned under a floating console shelf. A water bowl, some pillows, and a rug complete the room.

  1. Furry Mural

Creative, colourful, and fun! Give your bedroom, the family room, or any room in the house a pop of colour and furry fun with this cat and dog wallpaper. You can also DIY the wall mural and feature your own pets!

  1. Crate and Console

Save some floor space with this console table and pet crate in one. The crate provides ample room for your dog while the table showcases your family’s mementos, lamps, and other ornaments. Just throw in some pet beds to complete your pet’s haven.

  1. Coffee Table Hammock

Cats like to be in the centre of things. These inquisitive creatures always want to be included in everything you do, yet they sometimes hate being touched and bothered. This coffee table features a hammock underneath. The glass tabletop gives the cat and you better views of each other, and you can use the table without the cat being on the way!

  1. Elegant Feeding Station

Every pet deserves this beautifully appointed feeding station. Installed under the kitchen island, the feeding station includes a ledge with two bowls and a faucet for easy cleaning. The walls and ledge are in stunning marble while the faucet matches the chrome bowls.

  1. Cat Beehive

Cats will love this stunning wall installation. The cat perches and hexagon crannies are arranged in a beehive. With puzzling openings, perches, and cosy nooks, the beehive will entertain your curious cat all day long. It looks great on the wall too!

  1. Under-the-stairs Den

Give your dog his or her own very own room! This under-the-stairs lair features a dog bed, frames on the wallpapered wall, a light fixture, and an arched entrance with a wood accent. A great idea to make use of that wasted space.

  1. Discreet Pet Door

This discreet pet door will give your furry babies access to any room in the house without keeping your doors open. This pet door is installed at the bottom of the wall and is obscured by storage shelving. Discreet, efficient, and functional.

  1. Cat Silhouettes

Enjoy these cute and fun decorative wall lamps. The light fixtures are installed behind different shapes of cats in silhouettes. You get black minimalist wall features by day, and wall lamps by night. Perfect for bedroom nightlight, verandahs, hallways, or the family room.

  1. Sliding Dog Gate

It is hard to keep dogs from entering the kitchen, especially if they associate it with food and treats. This sliding dog gate is a good way to keep them out without putting up a permanent barrier. This elegant dog gate features a frosted glass panel.

  1. Cats and Steps

Books and cats are mainstays in many homes. This creatively designed bookcase includes steps so that cats can navigate the shelves without disturbing the books. The top shelf of the bookcase also serves as a cat ledge where cats can enjoy undisturbed sleep and rest.

  1. Pet Station

Keep your pet paraphernalia in one place. This pet station cabinet helps keep the clutter at bay and provide a space for all your pet items – kibbles, feeding bowls, treats, leashes, and even their toys are provided space. The smart design includes a feeding bowl niched drawer and a flip door kibble storage.

  1. Paw Print String Art

Get creative while paying tribute to your pets with this paw print string art. Start with a simple pattern traced on a piece of wood. Add nails around the pattern then start adding the strings. Use brightly coloured strings for a pop of colour. Use as a decorative wall feature or as a more functional piece like a key holder, house number, or a letter holder.

  1. Cute Cat Wall

Express your cat obsession with this cute and colourful cat mural. The fun doddle wall art is in pink, black, and grey featuring cats of different coats and patterns. You can also create your own cat wall showcasing your own cats.

  1. Cabinet Entrance

When you don’t want to disrupt a formal setting like the living room or the office, adding pet improvements might be challenging. But this doggy door is creatively hidden by a cabinet that nobody will know is there if you choose to hide it.

  1. Kitty Floaters

Cat floaters or cat clouds are perches and ramps designed for cats to enjoy and explore the high places of your house. This wall installation for cats includes boxes with decorative carvings, perches, and stairs. This will give your cat access to higher places and exercise their climbing instincts.

  1. Pet Lookout

Our pets are always curious about what is going on in and out of the house. While cats can easily climb and use windows, dogs aren’t that capable. Give them access to the outside views with low windows like these glass windowpanes along the lower portion of the wall.

  1. Luxury Cat Condo

Crates and cages will not do for your awesome kitty at home. This fabulous kitty condo will provide comfort, encourage activity, and give cats access to higher levels. It features glass walls, perches, boxes, a sisal pole, and a litter compartment. It also comes with wheels so you can move the cat condo easily.

  1. Murphy Dog Bed

This dog bed transforms into an awesome side table when not in use. The murphy pet bed is accessible as it is easy to hide when necessary. Outfitted with a comfortable bed cushion, it provides comfort and space for your furry friend to rest on.

  1. Sisal Wall Posts

Tame your cats’ crazy zoomies with this wall of sisal posts. Engage their energies in climbing. With the right tools, patience, and a free weekend, you can DIY this amazing wall. Wrap sisal around PVC pipes, secure with glue. Then install the sisal pipes to the wall. You can also add some perches to the mix.

  1. Dutch Doors

Keep your door open and the dog safely contained inside with Dutch doors. This is a classic dilemma for dog owners who wants to enjoy the fresh air and outdoors without their dogs bolting out. Ideal for backdoors and walkouts to the patio, the backyard, or the verandah.

  1. Minimalist Cat Art

Fun and quirky. Sleek and modern. This minimalist wall art features drawings of cats in black. It adds a fun and creative element to the neat and stark minimalist interiors. DIY this fun art with your pets on display. You can also add colours to jazz up the look.

  1. Under-the-bed Lair

This is a great solution when you want your dog to sleep in the same room but not on the bed with you. This is a common problem with huge dogs. An elevated bed will solve the issue. You enjoy the bed, while your dogs get to have their own lair.

  1. DIY Cat Bed

Awesome cat beds don’t have to come with steep price tags. This adorable double-decker cat bed is made of recycled produce crates, stacked at an angle, and secured with a wood panel that also serves as a scratching board. Throw in some pillows and your cats are in for comfy naps.

  1. Vertical Cat Playground

Cat loves climbing, perching, and staying on high ledges. This modern home successfully integrated a vertical cat playground without disrupting its modern minimalist look. Floating shelves are installed at random, and serve as cat steps, perches, or display shelves. A catwalk is installed near the ceiling giving cats ample room to roam, run, and sleep on.

  1. Rabbit Room

Rabbits are popular farm pets. But more and more city dwellers are adopting these lovable creatures. While outdoor warrens are best for rabbits, an indoor enclosure is recommended for rabbits in city homes. This rabbit enclosure features grass ground, glass window walls, and secure walls and doors to keep the rabbits safely inside at all times.

  1. Litter Cabinet

Conceal the unsightly litter box in this elegant sideboard. The chic white cabinet features a side cat door, an upper shelf for cleaning items, and a roomy main area for the litter box. Outside, it is an elegant console sideboard with a mirror, décor, and plants on display.

  1. Secret Dog Door

This smartly designed secret dog door also doubles as a lair and sleeping nook. Disguised as one of the kitchen cabinets, behind the door are comfy bedding and a side door to the outside. Just lock the door if you want to keep your dog inside or outside, either way, he or she will have a comfy nook to sleep in.

  1. Potty Patch

It is best for dogs to do their business outside and to take them on walks. But for city dwellers without a backyard and for senior dogs who are no longer amenable to walks, this balcony potty patch is a great idea. It can also serve as your dog’s outdoor spot where you and your pet can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

  1. Cat Scratcher

Every cat parent knows that cat scratchers are the ultimate furniture saver. Without one, cats will turn to your sofas, beds, chairs, and tables for their scratching needs. This wall cat scratcher is modern and sleek and blends in well with almost any interior design theme.

  1. Furry Mural

Showcase your furry friends on your walls with this custom-designed mural. You can commission an artist to create and paint the design. Or use software to transform a photo of your pet into a design and have it printed out on a wall sticker.

  1. Cat Cave

Give your cat a stylish haven that also looks good with your home interiors. This cat cave is designed to look like a tiny house and comes with a scratching post and wheels. The front includes a lounging ledge, while the inside includes a comfy mattress.

Do you have any beautiful and creative pet-friendly home improvement ideas and designs to add? Why not discuss it on our RenoForum!