Why Use a Resistance Band When You Work Out?

One of the most popular pieces of equipment used in strength training for women and isn’t kettlebells or weight machines – it’s the humble resistance band! Here’s why this should be your favourite gym buddy when you visit gyms in Bayside or join a women only gym.

  • You can take them anywhere

Compact, lightweight, and affordable, you can easily take a resistance band with you wherever you go, making working out that much easier. Pop one in your gym bag, car, or handbag when you head to your favourite gyms in Bayside! What’s more, you’ll be ready to do your exercises on the go, which is especially important on vacations or during physical rehabilitation.

  • High-intensity with low injury risk strength training for women

Resistance bands work with the strength you have, so you’re sure to get a good workout for your muscles whether you’re a beginner or very fit! In fact, studies show that they are just as effective as free weights and weight machines. This also means that there is less chance of injury because these exercises are isometric – essentially, you can only work your muscles as hard as they will allow, so you can’t overdo it easily. Finally, no one has been hurt by dropping a resistance band on their toes!

  • Core engagement

Working your core muscles is important for men, but it’s an even more important strength training for women! That’s because our pelvic floor and hip muscles can be weakened more easily as we age or after natural childbirth. Resistance bands are used to enhance pilates-type exercises, giving you better access to your abdominal, hip, and glute muscles to activate them properly.

  • Promotes mobility as well as strength

Working out isn’t just about strength and stamina – it’s about flexibility and mobility too! Resistance bands make these exercises more effective, allowing you to increase your reach, support your limbs, and move with more control during stretching exercises. They’re ideal for supporting greater flexibility in your hamstrings, shoulders, ankles, and hips.

  • Supports good form

One of the worst things you can do in your training – whether it is for strength, mobility, or weight loss – is to have poor form. This can happen easily if you are working out on your own rather than with a personal trainer at a women only gym. We tend to try too hard and lift or do too much, causing different muscles to overcompensate, relying on momentum, or aligning our joints incorrectly. A resistance band helps prevent that because you must work against the band to do the exercise, grounding your form, and because it better connects your mind with the movement, so you focus on every detail of your form rather than just pushing to a goal. This means a better workout and less risk of injury.

Looking for a women only gym?

If you are considering gyms in Bayside but ideally want a women only gym, then check this option out! As a women only gym, you can feel confident, relaxed, and secure in your workout, as well as enjoying a bespoke experience that’s all about you! We also recommend looking at gyms in Bayside that offer group and individual strength training for women, personal training, mindset training, and functional movement training to give you a holistic wellness and fitness treatment.