Sober Sips; The 7 Best Non-Alcoholic Wine

Prior to the rise of the sober curious movement, the non-alcoholic offerings in clubs and bars were typically limited to a sugary mocktail or two tucked away at the back of the drinks menu. The pickings at some restaurants were slimmer still, with non-imbibers often offered a sad orange juice or prompted to turn to soft drinks; the beverage equivalent of sitting at the kid’s table.

Fortunately, the rise of the sober curious movement over the past few years has shed light on the need for sophisticated non-alcoholic drinks. Diet coke be damned.

With dupes for just about every tipple you’d expect to find on the shelves of a conventional bar, it’s safe to say sober alternatives are here to stay. No longer limited to mocktails, the non-alcoholic options on the market span wines, beers, gins, whisk(e)ys, tequila, signature cocktails, and even aperitifs. Meanwhile, a few options on the market aren’t seeking to imitate the flavour palette of alcohol at all. Instead, they’re formulated with adaptogens, nootropics, and botanicals designed to provide a sober-friendly ‘buzz’ similar to that of alcohol, by either stimulating or soothing the nervous system.

To help you stock your bar cart or find the ideal pairing for your next dinner party, these are the best non-alcoholic wine and spirit brands on the market.

1. NON

With an extensive range of non-alcoholic wines, vegan-friendly brand NON encourages imbibers to rethink the wine experience. Each NON non-alcoholic wine boasts a unique flavour palette, courtesy of a balancing act of notes of florals, tannins, salinity, and acidity. For those new to the world of non-alcoholic wine, the NON Everyday range makes for the ideal entry point. Comprising a trio of non-alcoholic wines, each variety has an ideal food pairing; NON7 is defined by notes of stewed cherry and coffee and is best paired with dark chocolate or charcuterie, while NON3 boasts fresh, citrusy notes and teams well with seafood.

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2. Drummerboy

Newly launched Australian brand Drummerboy is changing the non-alcoholic spirit game. The wide range of Drummerboy spirits allow you to enjoy your favourite cocktails sans alcohol. Designed to be drunk on the rocks, with a mixer, or in a cocktail, highlights in the Drummerboy range include American Dark, a seriously rich bourbon alternative; London Dry, an alcohol-free gin that pairs well with tonic; and Italian Rosso, a vermouth replacement.

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3. Drink Monday

Californian brand Monday crafts full-bodied spirits that won’t leave you with a hangover come Monday morning. With a core trio of non-alcoholic whiskey, mezcal, and gin, Monday has the basics sorted. Best used in cocktails rather than sipped neat, these spirit alternatives boast complex flavour palettes akin to their alcoholic counterparts.

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4. Lyre’s Spirit Co

With one of the most extensive ranges of non-alcoholic spirits and liqueurs on the market, Lyre’s has something for everyone. As well as the standard Italian Spritz, Dry London Gin, and American Malt, Lyre’s also has niche favourites like Absinthe, Coffee Originale, and Spiced Cane Spirit. Crafted in the same way as their alcoholic counterparts, Lyre’s offers a truly authentic non-alcoholic way to imbibe.

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5. Seedlip

The non-alcoholic gin that changed the game, Seedlip is not found in bars and restaurants across the country. A botanical based spirit that undergoes the same distillation process as conventional gin, Seedlip was one of the first brands to introduce a sophisticated non-alcoholic alternative. The signature Seedlip Garden 108 spotlights botanicals that reflect the English countryside, with hay, peas, rosemary, hops, and thyme distilled into a refreshing, herbaceous blend. Meanwhile, Grove 42 caters to citrus lovers while Spice 94 offers an elevated blend of allspice berries and cardamom that pairs well with tonic over ice.

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6. Spiritless

This Californian brand makes non-alcoholic bourbon and tequila so good it can be enjoyed neat. The Kentucky 74 is a definite highlight, with the blend getting infused with oak during the distillation process, giving it the depth of a conventional bourbon. With notes of caramel, vanilla, and oak, it’s deliciously smooth and nuanced.

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7. Naked Life Spirits

For a ready-to-drink version ideal for breaking out at picnics and BBQs, look no further than Naked Life Spirits. With an extensive range of non-alcoholic pre-mixed drinks and cocktails like Canadian Rye Spritz, Yuzu Sake, Scottish Sour, and Wimbledon Spritz, Naked Life Spirits are sugar-free and low in calories. Plus, they’re available in your local grocery store, making them easy to get your hands on.

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