Women’s Health – How to Exercise Through Every Life Stage

Women’s Health – How to Exercise Through Every Life Stage

From hormonal changes to having families, women face unique challenges when it comes to exercise and fitness, especially as you move through different life stages. From adolescence to menopause and beyond, here are some tips from a women only gym and personal trainer in Highett on how to best exercise and maintain functional movement through different life stages as a woman.

Adolescence and young adulthood

During adolescence, young women are still growing, and regular exercise can help to promote healthy physical development. It’s important to engage in weight-bearing exercises, such as running, jumping, and weightlifting, to help build strong bones and muscles. Additionally, it’s essential to stay hydrated and get enough rest to support overall physical and mental health. Exercising at a women only gym is a great idea for supporting physical wellness and self-confidence in a safe space!


Exercise is usually safe and beneficial during pregnancy, but it’s important to consult with a healthcare provider or personal trainer in Highett to ensure that the exercise is appropriate for your individual needs and health status. Generally, women only gyms recommend low-impact exercises such as walking, yoga, and swimming are highly recommended and safe during pregnancy and can help to improve cardiovascular health, reduce stress, and support healthy weight gain.


After giving birth, it’s important to take time to recover before returning to exercise. You may need to modify your exercise routine to accommodate changes in your body and energy levels, so always speak to your personal trainer in Highett before starting a workout program. Pelvic floor and core exercises, such as Kegels and pilates, can help to strengthen the muscles that support the bladder and uterus and prevent incontinence.


As you enter menopause, you may experience changes in their body composition, including decreased muscle mass and increased body fat. Resistance training, such as weightlifting, can help to maintain muscle mass and improve overall body composition. Additionally, women may experience bone loss during menopause, making weight-bearing exercises such as running and jumping important for maintaining bone density and functional movement.

Older adulthood

As you age, your body can become more prone to injury and mobility issues. Low-impact exercises such as walking, yoga, dancing, swimming, and functional movement classes can help to maintain cardiovascular health and improve flexibility and balance. Additionally, resistance training can help to maintain muscle mass and improve overall strength, reducing the risk of falls and injury. Again, a women only gym is a great place to work out when you are older, with plenty of appropriate equipment and even your own personal trainer in Highett who will design a program and support you each step of the way.

Join a women only gym – A safe, comfortable space to stay fit!

Exercise is essential for overall health and well-being, but it’s important to tailor exercise routines to accommodate the different needs and challenges of each life stage. Joining a women only gym is a great option if you want a safe and welcoming space to get fit. Be sure to choose one with what you need, whether it’s group fitness classes, equipment, functional movement classes, mindset support, or individual sessions with a personal trainer in Highett!