Home Hacks: How to Keep Your Bathroom Fresh

Are you looking for quick ways to freshen up your bathroom in a time crunch? Essential oils are the ultimate tool to freshen up and give your bathroom a warm deep-cleaned feel. There are so many was to use them! You can diffuse them, spray them, and even use them in your rubbish bin! Here’s some of our top bathroom cleaning tips, tricks and ways to prevent bad odours from taking over.

How to refresh up your bathroom with essential oils

We know that time can just get away from us- you don’t always have time to deep clean your bathroom, or even those times when you spontaneously have guests over and you run through the house trying to do a quick clean. Maybe you’re simply worn out from a long day at work and need to take a bath to recover, but the bathroom isn’t exactly inviting in its current state. Whatever your situation, we’ve got the tips and tricks to help you keep your bathroom fresh and clean!

  • Make your own DIY Thieves® toilet fizzies for quick and easy bathroom cleanup. Throw a fizzy tablet into the toilet. Allow it to sit for 20–30 minutes to fizz and dissolve— while you are waiting for this to work its magic, use this time to wipe down all the surfaces in the bathroom using the Thieves Household Cleaner. Once the fizzy is dissolved, just flush and you’re good to go!

  • Create a simple bathroom toilet spray. Spritz this toilet spray inside the bowl before using the toilet. Have it on hand in the bathroom at all times so you can keep those bad odors at bay and flush them away.

  • Place a cotton ball with a few drops of your favorite essential oil (we recommend Lemon or Purification Essential Oil) on it at the bottom of your bin or laundry hamper before adding in your liner. This will release a fresh scent into the room.
  • Add 2–3 drops of a fresh essential oil like Lemon to the inside cardboard portion of your toilet paper roll to disperse a pleasant aroma.
  • Get rid of the time-consuming hassle of using multiple surface cleaners for the different areas of your bathroom. Use our versatile Thieves Household Cleaner for all of your cleaning needs. PLUS enjoy cleaning without all the nasty overwhelming smells of the harsh chemicals!
  • Wet your bathtub/shower and bathroom sink. Sprinkle our NEW Thieves Kitchen & Bath Scrub, use a brush or sponge to quickly scrub the dirt and grime away, and then rinse. You’ll be left with sparkly clean surfaces that look like you spent a long time cleaning.

YL TIP: No need to try all of these scent-filled tips at once—you’d end up with an overwhelming blend of scents. Instead, experiment to figure out the tips that work best for your space and for your personal quick-clean routine.

Bathroom diffuser blends

Keep a diffuser in your bathroom to welcome fresh, natural scents into your space – plus, it’s a great addition for your bathroom decor. Try out some of these diffuser blends to create your clean and crisp environment!

How to prevent bad odours

The best way to tackle unwanted odours in the bathroom it to go straight to the source and get onto it before it spreads. Try these simple tips for overall upkeep and to help maintain and make bathroom refreshing less of a time-consuming task:

  • Switch out hand towels every 2–3 days. Your hand towels are used frequently by everyone and are likely drying hands that aren’t completely clean. When your towels are constantly damp from wet hands, they may start to smell. Prevent this by switching them out often. Bath towels should also be switched out every 3-4 days as well to prevent a mildewy smell.
  • Clean your shower drain often. This is something most people tend to forget or not think about! Those of us with long hair have likely experienced the momentary panic when the shower won’t drain. Once the water finally goes down, it tends to leave the bottom of the tub dirty and you with more of a mess to clean up. On top of that, if it’s not cleaned properly, the drain may begin to smell bad. Prevent this by keeping on top of cleaning the hair and other gunk out of your drain often. Get a drain protector for an even easier cleanup!
  • Take the trash out weekly or as needed. Stop bad odors from overtaking your bathroom by frequently taking the garbage out. Can you believe that something that simple can make a big difference? Occasionally, wipe out the bin with Thieves® Household Cleaner and clean away all the nasties laying around.
  • Wipe the floor often, especially near the toilet. The area around the toilet tends to be a breeding ground for bad odors and messes. Spray some Thieves Household Cleaner on a rag to cleanse this area once a week to prevent the typical bathroom smell that we all know so well.

There you have it! These simple steps are essential in the upkeep of your bathroom and can be the difference between spending 30 minutes quickly refreshing the room or spending hours scrubbing away. Anyone else motivated to go clean their bathroom now?!

Which refreshing tip are you most excited to try?

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