Here’s How To Shop For Non-toxic Cookware

A crucial element of transitioning into adulthood entails trading your haphazard collection of glassware, silverware, pots, and pans for actual sets. Don’t worry, you needn’t abandon your favourite tea mug; simply try gradually incorporating streamlined kitchen essentials into your everyday cooking arsenal. Today, we have our eyes on upgrading our pots and pans to non-toxic cookware.

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Why invest in non-toxic cookware?

Nowadays, increased awareness around exposure to toxins and potentially toxic substances has exponentially increased, seeing us swap our chemical-based cleaners to non-toxic, plant-based varieties, look towards clean fragrances and beauty products, and carefully consider the produce we consume. However, an oft-overlooked aspect of non-toxic living is our cookware; if the pots and pans you use to prepare your meals are made with toxic ingredients, these hazardous materials can make their way into your body through your food.

How to look for non-toxic cookware

When looking for non-toxic cookware, aim to avoid traditional non-stick coatings like Teflon as this contains compounds like PFOA and PTFE which have been linked to cancers, hormone disruption, organ failure, and other health issues. Aluminium is also a potentially toxic material, with high levels of exposure being linked to health issues like anaemia and other blood disorders, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and other neurological conditions.

Swap your Teflon and aluminium cookware for pots and pans made out of ceramic, stainless steel, cast iron, carbon steel, glass, or porcelain enamel.

The 6 best non-toxic cookware brands

These non-toxic cookware brands combine effectiveness, aesthetic, and safety to create beautiful cooking solutions.

1. GreenPan

Internationally renowned Belgian brand GreenPan is responsible for creating Thermolon, a non-toxic, non-stick ceramic coating alternative to Teflon. Resistant up to 425°F, GreenPan products are made without PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium, so there’s no chance of toxic fumes being released even if your cookware is overheated.

As for their effectiveness? GreenPan ceramics are hard anodised twice making them tougher than steel, are scratch-resistant, as well as effective heat conductors. Our personal favourite is the incredibly chic pink Padova set.

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2. GreenLife

Boasting the same chic pastel appeal and non-toxic, non-stick properties as GreenPan at a more affordable price, the GreenLife Soft Grip ceramic cookware set makes for a perfect entry point into non-toxic cookware. Free from PFAS, PFOA lead, and cadmium, the GreenLife Soft Grip set features a non-stick coating for easy cooking and clean up, while the ergonomic handles keep your hands cool and comfortable, no matter what you’re cooking.

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3. Caraway 

Proving that safe cookware doesn’t mean sacrificing your aesthetic, Caraway produces beautifully colourful non-toxic cookware. Caraway ceramic-coated aluminium cookware is made without conventional toxic materials and comes in an array of shades to suit every kitchen.

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4. Neoflam

Neoflam cookware champions Ecolon Natural Non-Stick technology, which is primarily made out of silica (found in stone and sand). Free from heavy metals and other toxic substances, Neoflam cookware provides a safe alternative to conventional pots and pans. Our pick is the Noblesse range which imbues your kitchen with a hint of luxury through its leather-look handles and rose gold details.

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5. Staub

Specialising in ceramic and cast iron materials, French brand Staub creates non-toxic cookware that combines signature European craftsmanship and style with modern technology. Standouts for us are the grill pans and the cocottes.

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6. Made In 

Specialising in carbon steel, stainless clad, and copper cookware, Made In is working to bring an air of professionality to your home cooking. While their stainless steel cookware is a favourite with Michelin-starred chefs, the copper cookware collection has caught our eye. With unparalleled durability and heat conduction, copper is the ideal cookware material, found in many a professional kitchen.

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7. Equal parts

Made with non-stick ceramic, Equal Parts cookware is non-toxic, suitable for all stove types, and comes in a range of pared-back minimalist colours.

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Which materials should I avoid in cookware?

When looking for non-toxic cookware, it’s best to avoid traditional non-stick coatings like Teflon, as well as aluminium.

What are good non-toxic cookware materials?

Look for cookware made of ceramic, stainless steel, cast iron, carbon steel, glass, and porcelain enamel.

What are the best non-toxic cookware brands in Australia?

Made In, Caraway, Staub, Neoflam, Equal Parts, and GreenPan are some of the best brands to buy non-toxic cookware in Australia.

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