Gin-Based Drinking Games for Your Next Ladies Night

Gather your besties and your favourite bottles of premium gin because it’s time to take your ladies night to the next level with some thrilling and entertaining gin-based drinking games. Dive into the world of craft gin from our distillery in Melbourne with these engaging activities that will infuse your evening with laughter, fun, and a touch of competitive spirit.

Gin pong: A twist on a classic

Ever played beer pong? This is its sophisticated sibling! Set up a table, fill some glasses with premium gin that you can order online from our distillery in Melbourne, and divide into teams. Instead of bouncing ping pong balls into cups of beer, aim to land shots in glasses of craft gin. If your opponent sinks a shot, you take the sip! The twist? As the game progresses, you’ll find your accuracy might just start to waver.

This game not only brings out the competitive edge but also introduces everyone to different types of craft gin. Experiment with various gin flavours with each new round, turning the game into a delightful tasting experience. It’s a fantastic way to discover and appreciate the nuances of premium gin while having a blast with friends.

Gin trivia: Test your gin knowledge

A game of gin trivia is perfect for the gin connoisseurs and novices alike. Prepare a list of questions related to the history of gin, famous distilleries, botanicals used, and iconic gin-based cocktails. Divide into teams or go head-to-head and see who emerges as the ultimate gin aficionado.

For every correct answer, your opponent will take a sip of their craft gin!

Mixology madness: Create your signature gin cocktail

This cocktail party game will test creativity and taste buds, and is perfect for any gin tasting party. Set up a mini bar with various mixers, garnishes, and, of course, an array of premium gins. Challenge your friends to create their signature gin cocktail within a time limit. Encourage experimentation and bold flavour combinations as well as killer cocktail names.

After the time’s up, everyone gets to taste and vote for their favourite concoction. The creator of the most delicious or unique cocktail can be crowned the ‘Gin Mixologist’ of the night. This game not only explores the versatility of gin but also lets everyone in on the joy of crafting their own unique cocktail.

Get your craft gin directly from our distillery in Melbourne

Add fun to your ladies night by infusing it with the world of craft gin! Get your friends together, pick out some quality gins from our distillery in Melbourne (you can even shop online), and enjoy an evening filled with laughter, competition, and most importantly, fantastic gin-based games. Cheers to unforgettable memories and premium gin experiences!