Drink Your Way To Good Health With These Wellness Teas

Since time immemorial, tea has been an integral element of cultures around the world. Whether it’s the preparation of matcha at a Japanese tea ceremony, the masala chai that’s consumed like water across northern India, or the builder’s brew drunk from tankard-sized mugs in Britain, there’s nothing like a good cup of tea. Of late, teas have expanded far beyond the classic Camellia sinensis — found in black, green, and white tea —, with blends that draw from the principles of Indian Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as western herbal medicine designed to alleviate ailments like bloating and indigestion, relieve stress, and beautify. 

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Whether you’re looking for an effortless glow from within, struggling with hormonal acne, need a little help drifting off at night, or want something that increases focus, these are the best wellness teas to sip on.

For hormonal acne: Spearmint tea

Consistent consumption of spearmint tea has an anti-androgenic effect on the female endocrine system, which can positively benefit acne caused by hormonal imbalances. Cool and crisp, the Pukka Three Mint tea combines spearmint, peppermint, and field mint, making for a slightly sweet and highly refreshing blend that refreshes the senses and soothes the mind. 

For better sleep: T2 The Dreamer

Native to Europe and Asia, valerian has been used for centuries as a sedative, helping with falling asleep faster and improving sleep quality, while also potentially relieving anxiety. T2 The Dreamer blend teams valerian with calming herbs like lemon verbena, rose petals, and hops to create a delicate lemony herbal blend that helps you drift into a peaceful slumber. 

For stress relief: T2 The Quiet Mind

Adaptogenic herbs ashwagandha and schisandra help the body to respond and adapt to stress by working on the adrenal and nervous systems. T2 The Quiet Mind teams these adaptogens with peppermint, lemongrass, and eucalyptus to create a soothing, citrusy blend. 

For digestion: Ginger tea

Serving double duty as both food and medicine, ginger works quickly and effectively to soothe nausea, indigestion, and cramping. Plus, it also helps promote circulation and can reduce stress and anxiety levels. The Higher Living Ginger Kick tea pairs ginger with lemon peel for a delightful daytime blend.

For bloating: T2 The Belly Blend

For a tea that alleviates bloating while helping stave off sugar cravings, T2 The Belly Blend combines fermented black tea with cacao nibs, chicory root, and marshmallow root. Marshmallow root works to soothe irritation and inflammation in the gut and aids in bowel movements, while chicory root — a prebiotic — helps support blood sugar levels and staves off constipation. Chocolatey and moreish, The Belly Blend is ideal for sipping on throughout the day to keep cravings at bay and prevent bloating. 

The all-rounder: Green tea

Good for pretty much everything, you can’t go wrong with green tea. Green tea contains high levels of ECGC, an antioxidant that fights cell damage caused by free radicals and reduces inflammation; can help maintain healthy skin cells; boost metabolic functioning; and contains a small amount of caffeine which helps keep you energised. Our favourite blends include T2 Green RoseMadame Flavour Green Jasmine & Pear Tea, and Higher Living Chai Green Tea.