Dress for Success: Dressing for Confidence

How you dress and the clothes you wear can massively affect your confidence. If you don’t feel good in your clothing, then chances are you won’t feel confident in them, and this will show through in how you portray yourself.

Read on for some tips on how to dress more confidently.

Discard Clothes That Make You Feel Frumpy

Everyone has those items in their wardrobe that make them feel meh! Find your frumpy outfits and get rid of them. Sure, they might be comfortable, but they need to go if they’re not making you feel good when wearing them. Go through your wardrobe and identify all of the outfits that don’t make you feel confident when out in public and repurpose them to others or discard them entirely if they are damaged or worn.

Get Rid Of Clothes That Don’t Fit

Are you holding onto that pair of jeans because you want to fit into them again in the future? If you do not wear anything for at least six months, be realistic about whether or not you will be wearing it again, even if you move it to storage if you’re on a weight loss journey. This also goes for items you try to make fit you because of the size on the label. Every clothing manufacturer will have different size guides, and clothing sizes can vary wildly. Remove the attachment to the size on the label and instead focus on what fits you well and you feel good in, not what you’re wearing, because the label says it’s your size.

Identify Your Style

If you genuinely want to feel good in what you wear, you must find your unique style and build your wardrobe around this. Start with a few pieces from your current wardrobe you love to wear, and then look at how you can style them. You don’t always need a massive overhaul, and to start from scratch, simply wearing items you own that make you feel good and building from here can be a great place to start. So whether it’s getting new shoes to go with your favourite pair of jeans or buying a new jacket to go with your favourite dress, find your go-to item and start from there.

Avoid Copying Others

People make this common mistake when they want to look good and feel good. What works for one person won’t work for everyone, and while there is nothing wrong with wanting to emulate someone’s style, if you are doing so in the hopes it will build your confidence, you’ll likely be disappointed. Instead, take tips from them, how they wear their outfits, how they accessorise and then add this to your own style and wardrobe choices to help you maximise confidence when dressing.

Finding your style can be a massive confidence boost as you feel good in what you wear. While clothes don’t make the man (or woman), as the saying goes, they can help you to feel your best so you can portray yourself the right way. Looking good and feeling good are two different things, but this doesn’t mean you cannot do both simultaneously with these tips.

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