4 Tips for a Recession-Proof Digital Marketing Strategy

Australia, like much of the rest of the world, is set to have a tougher 2023. Even though we’re set to weather the global recession a little more easily, it’s a good time to shore your business up. Rather than cutting digital marketing costs, however, it’s better to make your strategy more resilient. Like advertising executive Bruce Barton famously said: “In good times people want to advertise; in bad times, they have to.” 

But that doesn’t mean splashing out! What we suggest is making your digital marketing stronger, not more expensive – so it’s good for business and your budget! Here’s how.

  1. Plan your content – When your content strategy is unstructured, goes with the flow, and is filled with random bits and bobs of content, there’s naturally a lot of waste – usually in the form of missed opportunities.

Start by creating a focussed, goal-orientated content marketing strategy that uses military precision, targeting profit-drivers like Google Ads, video marketing, and social media. Research your target audience and consumer behaviour, select your highest-performing online channels, and pinpoint products or services to highlight as peak demand begins to build.

  • Stick with your strategy – Part of your digital marketing strategy should include regular reports and performance reviews, as well as insights into what consumers are looking for – all using data-driven analytics. This will give you space for flexibility within it – but that doesn’t mean you can let the structure fall away.

Consistency is the bread and butter of digital marketing. If you aren’t talking to your customers regularly and in a predictable time-frame, their attention will be taken up by a business that does!

Figure out what works for your business and stay with it, so your customers stay with you.

  • Show off happy customers – Word-of-mouth referrals are the most effective way to build consumer trust and generate hot leads, so use your happy customers to bring in more sales! 93% of customers say online reviews impact their buying decision and 91% of 18–34-year-olds have as much trust in online reviews as reviews from people they know.

Just don’t fall into the fake review trap – it’s a so-called easy fix that will hurt rather than help! Instead, ask your customers for their honest reviews either for free (with the perk that you’ll feature their/their brands words or photos on your social media), to earn loyalty points, or even get a ticket into a lucky draw. Facebook reviews are good, but Google reviews are the best, so put up your Google Business Profile and focus your attention there – and always remember to reply.

  • Add an affordable wow-factor – “Affordable” and “wow-factor” don’t usually go together – except with digital marketing! Doing something different immediately catches your current audience’s attention and opens you to a new one at the same time.

This could be something like video marketing where you advertise your products and services in a way that generates the most interest – after all, 88%of people have been convinced to buy a product/service after watching a brand’s video. You could also do explainer/how-to videos, as 96% of people have watched at least one explainer video to learn more about a product/service. It’s affordable, effective and an ideal small business marketing solution.

Make your business recession-proof with a high-impact, affordable digital marketing strategy

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*Article originally posted on https://digitalfreak.com.au/4-tips-for-a-recession-proof-digital-marketing-strategy/